Tax Assessor's Office

Office of the Assessor

The Assessor’s office is under the jurisdiction of the Burlington County Board of Taxation and the New Jersey Division of Taxation.  The office is part of the municipal budget and stands ready to serve the community’s assessment needs.

Among the many functions of the office, the Assessor’s office values all real property in the municipality for the purpose of tax assessments, prepares the tax list, maintains records of every parcel, is responsible for maintaining the community’s tax map and aids in educating the public about the assessment function.

Property tax is the tax levied based on the assessed value of all real estate within a community with the exception of those properties used for religious, educational or charitable purposes and for veterans who are 100% permanently disabled due to wartime service.  The “ratable base” is the assessed valuation of the community’s residential, commercial, industrial and farmland properties. The tax rate and your individual tax burden are determined by the following formulas:

Levy (Budgets for the County, Schools,Local,Fire Districts) – (minus) State Aid  = Tax Rate
Value of the ratable base of the Community           

Assessed value/(divided by) 100 * (times) Tax Rate =  Tax Burden

Please visit the Assessor’s office if you have questions about your assessment or if you wish to apply for property tax deductions or exemptions.


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Phone: (856) 461-0561

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