Contact Us/ Township Directory

Township of Delanco
770 Coopertown Road
Delanco, NJ 08075
Phone: (856) 461-0561
Fax: (856) 461-0685

Administrative Offices     
Richard Schwab Township Administrator               ext. 223
Janice M. Lohr  Municipal Clerk  ext. 224 
Katherine T. Martin Deputy Municipal Clerk  ext. 274 
Cindy Goldman  Construction Coordinator ext. 261 
Erin Provenzano  Deputy Registrar ext. 227 
Beverly Russell Admin. Assistant, Alternate Deputy Registrar
ext. 255
Erin McFadden Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant
ext. 222
Code Enforcement    
Ron Holt Code Enforcer ext. 276
Construction Office

Thomas Casey Construction Official ext. 230
Court Office

Jennifer Esposito Court Administrator ext. 229
Finance Office

Bob Hudnell Chief Financial Officer    ext. 225
Planning Board

Katherine T. Martin Secretary ext. 274

Police Department

Emergencies Only for Police, Fire or Ambulance--Dial 911
Non-Emergencies for Police, Fire or Ambulance--856-461-1515

Police Officers or Police Secretary --Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Call 856-461-0357 and use the following extensions:

Jesse DeSanto              Police Chief                          ext. 287 
Adam Tilger Lieutenant ext. 333 
John Maloney
Detective ext. 404
Eric Hoffman Sergeant ext. 350
Basil Warren II Sergeant ext. 352
Robert Deering Patrol Officer  ext. 233 
Vincent Epifano Patrol Officer  ext. 284 
Michael Hirschfeld Patrol Officer  ext. 231 
Frederick Mack Patrol Officer ext. 236
Paul Newman, Jr.
Patrol Officer
ext. 231
Luke Stewart 
SLEO II Police Officer ext. 237
Harry Welch Patrol Officer ext. 300
Dyllon Willhouse Patrol Officer
ext. 351
Danielle Buri Police Matron ext. 232

To reach any of the employees listed below, please dial 856-461-0561 and use the following extensions:

Public Safety     
Richard Schwab Director                                  ext. 223 
Public Works Department   
John Fenimore  Superintendent  ext. 258 
Sewerage Authority

Brandi Mochernuk Secretary ext. 228
Tax Assessor's Office

Joe Rahman Tax Assessor ext. 226
Tax Collector's Office

Jennifer DellaValle
Tax Collector ext. 227
Erin Provenzano
Tax Clerk
ext. 227
Zoning Office

Thomas Casey Zoning Officer ext. 230
Code Enforcement    
Ron Holt Code Enforcer ext. 276