6/24/2014 - Volunteers Needed for Delanco EMS
Hello potential or future member of the Delanco Emergency squad. Delanco EMS is a small town 100% volunteer organization who responds to 911 calls in Delanco NJ and its surrounding towns. We are seeking to find candidates to go to EMT school, persons already holding a valid NJ or PA EMT certification, or anyone holding RN, BSN, MD, DO, EMT-P certifications. If you are currently a college or high school student who is looking to pursue a career in the medical field, this is the place to get the hands on experience you need to be the best at what you want to do. If you are graduating middle school and are between the ages of 14-17 our junior explorer program offers this same experience. Anyone looking to fulfill service hours for school, job, etc. we can help fulfill those requirements. And for any older persons looking to do something with all that free time...this is the thing for you. All members will be offered (and are encouraged to accept) a free education to become an EMT and CPR certified life savers along with a $500 scholarship to any NJ community college. Please visit our website for contact information and download our application. We look forward to having you on our team. http://delancoems.org/EMS/