The Delanco Township Public Works Department will begin picking up leaves on October 22nd through December 31st.  The Crews start the leaf pick up at one end of town and continue through to the other end.  Weather permitting this process takes about 8 to 10 days, so you should see the trucks in your area approximately every 8 to 10 days from 10/22 until 12/31.  If snow falls the trucks will be out on the street to pick up leaves once they clear the roads of the snow.   New Jersey State stormwater regulations require that leaves are to be placed at least 10 feet away from any storm drain.  Please only place leaves at the curb, not branches or other yard waste as this may cause costly damage to the equipment and/or serious injury to the workers.  Bagged leaves will not be picked up by either the Delanco Public Works Department or the trash company.  Leaves may be placed in the street only during designated leaf pick up times.  (Spring Clean-Up and Fall Leaf Pick-Up).  Consult the Public Works tab ( under township services) for more information.